Portable Appliance Testing ( PAT Testing ) is an essential part of a Health & Safety policy for your business.

The Health & Safety Executive ( HSE ) states that 25% of reported electrical accidents involve portable appliances.

The Electricity at Work Regulations ( EWR ) places legal responsibility on employers & employees to comply with these regulations & as practically possible the duty of care to ensure that no danger results from using electrical equipment.

The Health & Safety at Work Act ( 1974 ) places an obligation on employees where appliances are used, on the public where they may use appliances in places such as Hotels, Hostels, Schools, Shops etc. Where appliances are supplied or hired and where appliances are serviced & repaired. This requires a systematic regular programme of maintenance, inspection & testing of Portable Appliances.

A fine of £5,000 per item not complying with regulations.Six month's imprisonment Possible charges of manslaughter in the even of deaths Landlords -The Tenant may also sue you for civil damages
Employers - the employee could claim against you Your property insurance or Public Liability Insurance may be invalid.
PAT testing requirements
Formal visual inspection
(Can be carried out by yourself)
Combined inspection & testing (PAT Test with certification)
DJ's equipment
Turn tables & CD/DVD players Monthly 12 Months
Laptops, mp3 players Monthly 12 Months
Lights,lazers etc Monthly 12 Months
Active speakers, amps, mixer sets Monthly 12 Months
Extension leads, power supplies Monthly 12 Months
You may well find that the venue you are going to use will require you to have your equipment PAT tested and produce your valid certificate.

Portable appliance

An appliance of less than 18kg in mass that is intended to be moved whilst in operation or an appliance which can easily be moved from one place to another, e.g. vacuum cleaner, toaster, food mixer, etc.

Movable equipment (transportable)
This equipment is either:
18 kg or less in mass and not fixed, e.g. electric fire. or
Equipment with wheels, castors or other means to facilitate movement by the operator as required to perform its intended use, e.g. air conditioning unit

Hand Held equipment or appliances
This is portable equipment intended to be held in the hand during normal use, e.g. hair dryer.

PAT Testing for
DJ' & Bands

The frequency of inspection & testing required will vary depending on the following.
The environment - Equipment in a benign environment is likely to suffer less damage than equipment in an arduous environment.
The users - If users report damage promptly hazards will be avoided. Conversely, if equipment is likely to receive unreported abuse, more frequent inspection & testing is required.
The equipment construction - The safety of Class 1 equipment is dependent upon a connection with earth. Class 2 equipment is not dependent upon a fixed earth.
The equipment type - Appliances that are hand-held are more likely to be damaged than fixed appliances.
We are one of the leading PAT test companies for Croydon and surrounding area.
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Maintaining portable electric equipment in
low-risk environments

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We carry out PAT testing for DJ's, Bands, Music studios and entertainers. Whatever equipment you might need from PA systems to projectors, mixers and decks to lighting and screens. We can also test smoke machines to pyrotechnics.
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If you don't want to be turned away from gigs or venues then make sure all your equipment is PAT tested and you have your certification with you. Once payment has been received we can email you the certification and register ready intime for your performance.
We can offer an out of hours service in the evenings or weekends to make it easier for you to get all your equipment tested.
PAT testing requirements
Formal visual inspection
(Can be carried out by yourself)
Combined inspection & testing
(PAT Test with certification)
Turntables & CD Players
12 Months 12 Months
Laptops & MP3
12 Months 12 Months
Lights & Lasers
12 Months 12 Months
Speakers, Amps &
12 Months 12 Months
Extension Leads &
Power Supplies
6 Months 12 Months
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Stationary equipment or appliances
This equipment has a mass exceeding 18kg and is not provided with a carrying handle, e.g. refrigerator

Fixed Equipment/appliances
This equipment or an appliance which is fastened to a support or otherwise secured in a specific location, e.g. bathroom heater

Appliances/equipment for building in
This equipment is intended to be installed in a prepared recess such as a cupboard or similar. In general, equipment for building in does not have exposure on all sides because one or more of the sides, additional protection against electrical shock is provided by the surroundings, e.g. built in electric cooker

Information technology equipment
Information technology equipment includes electrical business equipment such as computers and mains powered telecommunications equipment, and other equipment for general business use, such as mail processing machines, VDU's photo-copiers